Human Pictures

Cinequest - Picture the PossibilitiesMexico/ New York

Teaching kids filmmaking workshops to allow them to have a new avenue to express their thoughts and vision.


Malteser International - Video Transformation Guajira, Colombia

Video Transformation workshops focusing on climate change with the indigenous communities in Guajira, Colombia .


CinequestMexico and New York

CINEQUEST Picture The Possibilities (PTP): is a transformative leadership movement, where empowered youth create films expressing visions of a better tomorrow, inspiring us to improve worlds.

Youth practice this empowerment training by making short films (with mentors) that express their visions. Seeing how to bring a picture from nothing into reality, they can then apply this creative process to other areas of their lives and dreams. PTP also creates personal profiles on each participant sharing their stories and dreams with the world.

El Cuento De XochitlShort Film, 10:03min

This short film was produced with the kids of El Faro de Oriente in Mexico City. The film tells the story of Xochitl, an adolescent girl that deals with rejection from friends and family.

The script was the children’s idea to bring more tolerance into their community.

The Great JourneyShort Film, 2:55min

ServitudeShort Film, 5:21min

Global CitizenShort Film, 4:05min

Video transformation against climate changeGuajira, Colombia

Working along side a great group of badass community leaders who put together an amazing festival on the effects of global warming, we affirmed our belief that part of politically committed filmmaking is transferring our knowledge and also the means of production so communities can actively represent themselves.

In association with Malteser International.

We are the Environment. Communities United

It’s often rural communities that first experience the direct effects of climate change. Collaborating with Malteser International, we worked in the Colombian Atlantic coast proving once again that video can be an instrument for personal and collective transformation.

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