A Testimony of Resilience


In the midst of a world obsessed with charity and saviors, the community of Cité Soleil rejects that model and is carving another path. United, they’re confronting their challenges head on by tapping into their own resources to reclaim their dignity, realize their full potential and reimagine their futures.

“Everyone who is imaginative is extraordinary.” – Ulrich (community leader)

Cité Soleil, generally characterized as one of the poorest and most dangerous parts of the Western Hemisphere, reminiscent of the Favela’s of the City of God, has so much more to offer the world, than the world expects. Dominant media portrayals focus on the violence, emphasize it’s rife with disease and contamination, underscore the lack of education and opportunity and paint it as the literal and figurative sewer of Haiti’s capital. City of Sun pushes beyond that simplistic narrative to reveal the magic, power and dreams of its people. Malteser International has been working on the ground in solidarity with these communities to help support sustainable futures and shine a light on the resiliency of Cité Soleil.

For more about Malteser International’s work – orderofmaltarelief.org

Special thank you to the talented Lakou Mizik for their musical additions to this short with their songs – Bade Zille and Parenn Legba. You can check out their work at lakoumizik.com or Vimeo Profile: vimeo.com/lakoumizik1

Communities United


Video transformation against climate change – workshops, Don Diego, Colombia

It’s often rural communities that first experience the direct effects of climate change. Working with Malteser International, we spent a week in the Colombian Atlantic coast proving once again that video can be an instrument for personal and collective transformation.

As we worked along side a great group of community leaders who put together an amazing festival on the effects of climate change, we affirmed our belief that part of politically committed filmmaking is transferring our knowledge and also the means of production so communities can actively represent themselves.