At Human Pictures, we document the people, places, and issues rarely seen. Our boutique team is driven by our commitment to pushing boundaries to challenge injustice.

We are dedicated to creating dynamic subject-informed media that disputes dominant narratives and emboldens social movements. Unwavering and compelling, our work embraces complexity above objectivity.

Through justice-oriented documentaries and narrative films, Human Pictures exists outside the confines of a traditional production company, establishing itself as a multimedia movement for social transformation.


JUAN CASTANEDA, Creative Director

Juan’s creativity and quality camera work is informed by decades of experience filming in unusual places with remarkable people. Juan founded Human Pictures with the intention of creating a production company that balances quality content with meaningful messages. He is a skilled director, shooter, and editor.

JUAN MEJIA, Social Documentary Director

Juan is an activist, researcher, and documentary director. Juan has produced a number of episodes for Netflix’s, Amend: The Fight for America, ABC’s, Soul of a Nation, and Hulu’s Killing County. His films have premiered at HotDocs, Doc NYC and Tribeca Film Festival amongst others.

JUAN YEPES, Producer

Juan is a producer with an engineering background, his organization and fascination with ‘how things work’ helps balance Human Pictures. As a producer, Juancho has collaborated with Meadowlark Media, Firelight Films, Sundance, Equal Justice Initiative, UNDP, the City of NY, and others.

OLIVIA HEFFERNAN, Content Producer

Olivia is a writer, researcher, and filmmaker. Her work focuses on the intersection of race, labor, and incarceration. Her writing and filmmaking has won numerous awards and been featured in The Nation, Jacobin, The Marshall Project, The Baffler, and many others.

SONIA SERNA, Field Producer

Sonia is a Colombian feminist and anthropologist. Her research and activism is rooted in community and focuses on racial dispossession, the environment, and sexual and reproductive justice. She is a crucial member of our Colombia-based team working on IGUALADA.

GÓMEZ, Cinematographer

Karen is a Colombian content creator, cinematographer, and director of photography. Her documentary filmmaking focuses on the environment, arts, youth, sports, and human rights.

MAILEE OSTEN-TAN, Field Producer/Photographer

Mailee is a photographer, filmmaker, and multimedia journalist based in Bangkok, Thailand. Her work has been commissioned by Longreads, Al Jazeera, VICE, and more. She directed multimedia projects for UN Agencies and NGOs in Southeast Asia, covering gender inequality, women in peacebuilding, and conflict prevention.

RICARDO ANGULO, Field Producer/ Camera Department

For many years Ricardo has been producing and field reporting for documentaries, during this time he has grown to view the world in new ways. He has documented issues and communities in particularly remote areas to showcase the complexity and diversity of humanity.