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IGUALADA: Una “igualada”, a derogatory term (based on class, race, and gender) used to designate someone who acts as if they deserve rights and privileges that supposedly don’t correspond to them.


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In Colombia, a nation marred by profound racial and socio-economic disparities, a Black woman from a rural background challenges the status quo by launching a presidential campaign. Reappropriating the term “igualada,” Francia Márquez, catapults a movement to the upper echelons of power, by refusing to “know her place.” Fifteen years in the making, this documentary peels back the curtain on how unprecedented change can happen.

“Stirring… rousing and intimate, making for an often moving, sometimes nerve-wracking ride.”
—Lisa Kennedy, Variety

“Grade A-. A powerful portrait of trailblazing Colombian Vice President Francia Márquez.”
—José Solis, The Film Stage

“A vital reminder that each person has the power to help evoke the change—no matter what they call you in the process.”
—Courtney Small, POV Magazine

“If you’re into docs about strong social justice causes, then this is the one for you.”
—Jamie Broadnax, Black Girl Nerds

“Igualada es un documental inspirador e íntimo que renueva la fe en el ejercicio democrático.”
—René Sánchez, Cine Sin Fronteras

IGUALADA was made with the support of: Luminate, Perspective Fund, Open Society Fundations, and Sundance Institute.