An incredibly talented artist and a fierce activist, Miss Diamond, knew from a young age what other people saw, was not who she was. Her journey was long and her journey was hard, but according to Ms. Diamond, “I didn’t want to die pretending, I didn’t want to die living for everybody else. I wanted to die being happy.”

In a world that constantly asserts that transgender people are garbage, those transphobic messages are deeply ingrained and have devastating impacts –
41% of transgender people attempt suicide
62% of transgender woman report depression
Drug abuse is 3 times higher than that of the general public

Rejected from their families, housing, jobs; many transgender people have to figure out other means of survival. This community is intensely profiled by the police and when incarcerated rates of sexual assault and abuse at the hands of both inmates and guards are 10 times higher for the transgender community as compared to the general population. Most transgender people are forced to serve time in facilities that don’t align with their gender identity. Ms. Diamond’s story unfortunately is only one of many.

“There are a lot of risks of saying no when you’re incarcerated, saying no to inmates and saying no to the correctional officers.” – Miss Diamond