Ecological Responsibility


Journey inside the cutting edge vision of the Puntacana Ecological Foundation in leading the movement to maintain the delicate balance of protecting natural resources with sustainable development.

The foundation brings together national and international scholars to investigate practical solutions to real world challenges. Investigations come to life through real life applications in innovative tangible projects managed by the foundation.

Some project highlights…To confront the massive amounts of garbage left by 2 million passengers annually flying into the Puntacana International Airport, the foundation started a recycling center. Today 46% of that garbage is salvaged for recycling, and a portion is used for their biomass facility, which in turn generates the electricity for the Puntacana Resort’s laundry facility. They also have a worm compost project that uses organic waste from the resort’s kitchen scraps and food cutting, which the worms process into compost, humus and liquid fertilizers used on their golf course and in their organic vegetable garden. While providing jobs, promoting tourism and minimizing their environmental impact, they’ve developed a sustainable loop that they inspire the surrounding resorts and community to replicate.